The Siege of Rochester Castle

Baesd on a legendary story,Ironclad is set in 13th century England and tells the story of a formidable Knight Templar named Marshall. joined by his magnificent seven they defend historic Rochester Castle against the tyrant King John, and his mercenary army.

Written by Jonathan English, produced by Andrew Curtis and Rick Benattar and featuring an acclaimed cast including oscar nominated Paul Giamatti, James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Mackenzie Crook, Jason Flemming and Kate Mara this new film looks set to be a blockbuster hit when it is released sometime this year (2010).

Ironclad was filmed at various locations around Wales but mainly at the Dragon Studios in LLanilyd near Pencoed where a fulll size Castle was built. I worked on the construction of the Castle and the many sets that were made for the film.

Below I will post updates weekly some photos and some videos i took during construction.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

King Johns Trebuchet used to batter the Castle the Trebuchet was sold to Cardiff Castle and i believe it is now on display there


  1. Just wondered if you knew the dimensions of the castle set build, we were asked for them recently and it's about the only thing that we don't have on file. If you can help, it would be much appreciated.

    Wales Screen Commission (SE Office)

  2. not sure of the exact dimensions but it was about a 50m Diameter circle, the keep was about 16m high the gatehouse was approx 10m high and the connecting walls were about 6/7m its hard to explain exactly because it was constructed on quite a slope so the joining walls varied from front to back and one side to the other hope this is of some help